I’ve voted for Barack Obama

Video via Jon Taplin

I’m not voting tomorrow, November 4th, because I, like millions of others in my home state of North Carolina, have already turned in my ballot. Instead I will be out doing what I can to bring others to the poll to cast their votes for Barack Obama. We may not win in NC but it will be close and I am hopeful that we will win across enough of the rest of the country to make a difference.

Several months ago, I wrote before the Democratic primary in NC of the things that I had never done before but now have done for Obama. I’d never made a donation to a campaign, put a candidate’s bumper sticker on my car or put a sign in my yard. Today, I did another thing that I never thought my quiet introverted self would be doing – knocking on doors for a candidate. I loved it. What I’ve done today and will do tomorrow is nothing compared to what other committed volunteers out there have accomplished, but this is what Obama’s campaign has been built on. Obama has brought in people who have never been part of the process before, not just the disenfranchised but also the previously ambivalent. People have been giving him a day or two or just a few hours and these have been people who have never in their lives felt the need to do this for anyone or anything. These are not Democratic party stalwarts, these are people like me, spending a day or few hours off doing what they think is right. This is what I hope makes the difference tomorrow.

And that is one other thing Barack Obama has made me do that I had not done in a very long time… Hope.

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